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Brand List


  • Industrial Instrument
  • Industrial Instrument

    • Actuators: (Hydraulic Actuator/Pneumatic Actuator/Control Valve Actuator/On-off Valve)
    • Transmitters: (Load Cell Transmitter/Load Cell Indicator/Strain Gauge /Force
      Gauge or Force Meter/Torque Meter)
    • Flow Meters: (Electromagnetic Flow Meter/Ultrasonic Flow Meter/Open Channel Flow
      Meter/Carioles Flow Meter/Vortex Flow Meter/Turbine Flow Meter/Pitot Tube/Orifice Plate
      Flow Meter/Mass Flow Meter/Flow Switch/Rota Meter)
    • Analyzers: (Portable Humidity Meter/Humidity Meter/ Humidity Transmitter/ Humidity
      Controller/ pH Meter/Conductivity Meter/O2 Meter/COx Meter)
    • Level: (Ultrasonic Level Meter/Floater Level Meter/Vibrate Level Switch/Paddle Level
      Switch/Radar Level Meter/Capacitance Level Meter/DP Level Meter)
    • Pressure: (Differential Pressure/Transmitter/Digital Pressure Gauge/Analog Pressure
      Gauge/Pressure Transmitter/Pressure Calibrator/Pressure Controller or Pressure Switch)
    • Temperature: (Infrared Thermometer/Bimetal Thermometer/ RTD/Temperature Calibrator/
      Gas Filled Thermometer/Temperature Transmitter/Thermocouple/Temperature Controller)

  • Industrial Automation
  • Industrial Automation

    • Motor & Drives: (Step Motor/Servo Motor/Drive/DC Electrical Motor/AC Electrical Motor)
    • Recorder: (PC Base Recorder/Data Acquisition System/Paperless Recorder/Chart
      Recorder/Data Logger)
    • Controllers: (PID Controller/Invertors or Motor Controller/Programmable Logic Controller)
    • Automation Systems: (SCADA/Field bus/Industrial Software/DCS (Distributed Control
      System)/Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) or Remote I/O / HMI)

  • Mechanic Equipment
  • Mechanic Equipment

    • Valve: (Control Valve/Safety Valve/check valve/ Globe Valve/Gate Valve/ butterfly valve/
      Angle valves/ Diaphragm Valves/...)
    • Pumps: (displacement types/ Gear pump/Screw pump/Progressing cavity pump/Roots-type
      pumps/ Centrifugal pump/Radial-flow pump/s/Mixed-flow pumps/Ex Pumps)
    • Generators: (Gas generator /Electric generator/Motor–generator/Ex Generators)
    • Compressors: (Gas compressor/Air compressor/Portable Compressors/Centrifugal compressors/
      Axial-flow compressors/Scroll compressors/Screw Compressors/Staged Compressor/ Diaphragm
      compressors/Vertical & Horizontal Compressors)

  • Drilling Equipment
  • PP products

    WEEE Co. carries a huge selection of polypropylene pipe and fittings. Polypropylene pipe and fittings are
    for industrial applications involving corrosive media. Polypropylene may be used at temperatures up to
    150º F in continuous pressure service and at temperatures up to 180° F with gravity flow conditions.
    Polypropylene is the lightest of all thermoplastics. It has good resistance to strong acids except highly
    active oxidizers, such as nitric acid. Polypropylene also has excellent resistance to weak and strong
    alkalis and to most organic solvents and is also a non-conductor of electricity.


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